What was that you were saying about Michael Owen…?

Owen scores a 95th minute winner and Sir Alex Ferguson says the above.Or words to that effect.
Craig Bellamy scored two equalisers for Man City and the score was tied 3 all when Owen came on as a late sub.The winning goal however was scored in the 6th minute of the four minutes of added time.Figure that out.

One comment on “What was that you were saying about Michael Owen…?
  1. The decision on the added time is correct. The allocated extra time was 4 minutes. Bellamy scored at 90 min on the dot. Every substitution is counted as another 30 seconds added. Therefore after the goal celebration and when the game restarted, it was already at 92min. Taking into account the earlier extra time and Carrick’s substitution time, it would have been more than 96 min.

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