Did Platini see two red cards and one red faced referee ?

Kelly committed the foul.
Hangeland got the red card
Platini’s wonderful system of having extra referees behind each goal post blew a major fuse in Roma’s 1 -1 draw with Fulham a couple of days back.Stephen Kelly’s foul on Riise occurred 10 yards from where the additional assistant referee, Johan Verbist, was stationed to one side of the Putney End goal.The referee Paul Allaerts decide to consult Verbist before giving the red card.He was told that it was Hangeland who had impeded Riise, not Kelly. So Allaerts brandished the red card at an incredulous Hangeland.Plenty of chaos and consternation followed before the red card was eventually given to the right player who was in the wrong [ and not the other way around]
Of course Platini is justifying this error by saying you can see how an additional assistant referee can mix up the two players at 10 yards seeing how alike they look.The fact that players of the same team wear same coloured uniforms would also confuse a near sighted additional assistant referee.His latest plan now is to tell the ref to wave the red card in the general direction in which the foul was committed and then wait for the right player to own up.And of course he wouldn’t dream of telling a near sighted ref to get a decent pair of spectacles because he doesn’t believe in all that kind of new fangled technology….!
The whole story here
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