Man Utd fans arrested over vandalism

Barnsley damage.jpg
This season is bringing back memories of some of the more undesirable aspects of the 70s and 80s.
The Barnsley and Man Utd Carling Cup fixture is now better known for its hooliganism (with more pictures). Catering staff were trapped for almost half an hour inside a food kiosk as Man Utd fans stole food and cash.
Stewards had food thrown at them on the pitch. The police was on the pitch were present with riot gear and dogs to prevent pitch invasions. The North stands at Oakwell were “substantially damaged” as fans kicked doors down, damaged tills, and threw food and drink.
The FA and the South Yorkshire police are launching investigations and reviewing CCTV footage. The club is also contemplating claiming compensation from Man Utd for the damage done by their fans.
On the heels of the most serious Milwall – West Ham riots, there have been smaller incidents involving Arsenal fans at City, and now this. There have been well documented flash points in each one of them. But I think the current economic crisis with continued increase in unemployment and six quarters of negative growth is fueling some of this too.

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