Robbo launches the first shot

Let the trash talking begin ahead of the Arsenal vs Spurs derby.
Robbie Keane bites the bullet as he claimed that Spurs are ready to overtake Arsenal. A feat last achieved 14 years ago.
“We are at the same level as Arsenal now. If you look at the two squads, you look at us and think we’re definitely on a par but that will only be judged at the end of the season.”
In 2006 Spurs had their best chance for a top four finish but lost to West Ham as key players succumbed to some dubious Lasagna diarrhea, enabling Arsenal to squeeze past them.
The match that everyone remembers is the outstanding match last year which saw Spurs score an improbable two goals in the last two minutes to fight to a 4-4 draw with Arsenal seemingly sewn up the match.
This season the Gunners have shown a worrying lack of alacrity in some matches and a propensity for self inflicted wounds that Harry Redknapp will be eager to exploit.

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