Video: Spurs fall to Stoke, 0-1

Spurs plied on the pressure but an excellent Steve Simonsen and a dour Stoke defense kept them at bay. Crouch, Keane, Kranjcar, and Lennon tried and tried but all in vain. Twelve shots on goal, none that paid off. Stoke got two chances on goal as they were outclassed and on the second, Keane’s Ireland team mate Glenn Whelan scored for Stoke. It proved the difference.
Spurs bright start to the season has stalled. Its a matter of X’s and O’s as Stoke could have been pulverized just like Hull or Burnley. But Simonsen stood his ground, and when he did not, the goalpost turned away Kranjcar’s blistering shot while another occasion saw James Beattie pull off a goal line save. Ever feel that you will never score a goal no matter what? That was Spurs today.

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