Video:Berbatov Scissor Kick

A moment of brilliance from Berbatov against Sunderland at Old Trafford yesterday.
The video of the goal.

Man U scraped a draw thanks to another equaliser that came in stoppage time against a Sunderland down to 10 men.There was another set of complaints from the Sunderland coach about the sending off being unfair.Another game at Old Trafford ,another controversy.A pattern seems to be settling in and Man U,far from looking invincible,are looking distinctly vincible these days…

2 comments on “Video:Berbatov Scissor Kick
  1. Why even write about the complaint for the second yellow? It is a ridiculous one. The ref had just given a yellow for kicking the ball away after a free kick was given so no one should complain about getting a yellow for the exact same thing minutes later.

  2. Berbatov’s goal is one of the best of the year. I would’ve liked to see Man. U. win the game after such an awesome goal.

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