Wenger sees Arsenal lift a trophy this season

It was his birthday and the AGM was conducted in a very different atmosphere from the last meeting. So of course, in the warm bask of accolades and affection, one tends to become magnanimous.
But I saw the AZ Alkmaar match and if we are to win a major trophy, we need to do much much better. A 93rd minute equalizer and Abou Diaby coming close to scoring another own goal. It won’t do. We should have won against Man Utd but the cheap giveaways continued. It was the same against City. So, lifting a major trophy after a number of years would be very nice but it is way too premature for these predictions.
And as much as one likes comparing present players to other Arsenal greats, it would be jumping the gun to talk about RVP and Bergkamp in the same breath or Abou Diaby and Patrick Vieira. I wish Wenger would let it percolate a little bit longer before these making these comparisons. One stellar game is no basis. Let a season or two go by.

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