Wenger: ” We have to kill teams off’

Arseblog as usual gives a well balanced summation and my two cents is that the “killer instinct” message should be obvious by now. It cannot be emphasized enough but now it needs to be internalized. I also think it comes from a leadership vacuum on the pitch.
This season, most matches need at least two goals for padding. Throw in Arsenal’s propensity for individual mistakes and bad breaks and you need more. The casualness with which Arsenal played after the second goal was picked up by Zola and his players, who started pushing up.
Clichy’s ballooning crosses met no one except empty space and the opposite sideline. And as Arseblog mentions, Mannone has done a creditable job considering his sudden elevation to first goalkeeper but that was some poor stuff that gifted Carlton Cole his goal. It would be good to put Fabianski back in the Carling Cup squad just to warm up his hands but also to give some more depth in the goalkeeping chart. Almunia looked pretty miffed yesterday and it must be a bit of a shock seeing how he had very little competition for his position just weeks ago. The message that he cannot take his starting position as guaranteed must have been received loud and clear.
Fabregas was less assertive in midfield and Arshavin except for a few brilliant cameos seemed to be more intent in trying potshots from midfield.
On a day when the top teams struggled to put space between themselves, we could have done better.

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