Zidane shows off Adidas Predator- the 10th generation…

…and remembers some of it’s predecessors fondly…

The technical side:A new PowerSpine technology is supposed to give the Predator X an unprecedented increase in shooting power of seven percent in comparison to its predecessor. Ball velocity tests in the adidas laboratory demonstrated that the new PowerSpine enables the Predator X to reach a velocity of 110 kilometres per hour which, when compared to other boots, makes a speed difference of almost three metres per second. This could mean the Predator X shot is 26 centimetres behind the goalline while the other shot is saved by the goalkeeper!
Who else apart from Zidane is going to be seen wearing the tenth predator one of these days ?
Here are some names ….
Michael Ballack,David Beckham, Mark van Bommel,Diego,Steven Gerrard,Lucio, Robin van Persie,Raúl,Daniele de Rossi,Patrick Vieira ,Xavi and Alfred E Neuman.
So what are you waiting for ? Buy a pair and get your name on the list ..!

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