2018 World Cup: Jack Warner’s many sided mouth

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Jack Warner must be basking in all the love and affection he is getting from the USA, Australia, and now, the UK whose 2018 bid is in serious jeopardy.
He looks like he is talking from both sides of his mouth after meeting with Gordon Brown yesterday. Three if you count Australia. Yes, his mouth has many sides.
“He said, and I agreed with him, that England has the best infrastructure to stage the tournament and that after a 52-year gap this is England’s time.”
Less than a week ago.
“The United States can count on the full support of CONCACAF, including Chuck Blazer, Rafael Salgueiro and myself,” said CONCACAF president and FIFA vice president Jack Warner.
Two weeks ago.
“Australia created the best ever Olympics and demonstrated an ability to host and manage some of the biggest sporting events in the world with class, expertise and with a dedication to excellence. If there is a country that truly deserves to host the FIFA World Cup, then it is the island continent of Australia”.
In the end it will be what you can do for Jack Warner. Andrew Jennings has done excellent work documenting Warner’s long history of corruption.

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