A bit before the Chelsea vs Man Utd match

He takes over everybody
Sinewy hard, on a goal scoring spree
He gallops on the field, on a tear
He is on his way to critical mass
A nuclear weapon laid bare
And underneath his shorts
He turns on twin burners in his arse
He makes Rio look flabby
Silvestre now that was one bemused chappie,
Chelsea are losing, Ancelotti wears a frown
Jose looks a bit Sourinho
Drogba scores two, turns it upside down
We have seen it before, in the FA, CL, and the Prem
I hate to have to say it but Drogba is a s**tstain
(all players except those from Chelsea)
Drogba makes us look like muppets
(one player)
I’d like to say worse:
He gives me gas

(all fans except those from Chelsea weep)

(all fans except those from Chelsea)
He makes us sick to the stomach that Drogba
He gives us gas and it’s not the beer we chug
He makes us look like muppets that Drogba
(Sung to “How do you solve a problem like Maria” from the Sound of Music)

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