A pointless ban: Maradona gets off lightly

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For his potty mouthed outburst following Argentina’s win over Uruguay. (translation)
Here is an even more graphic video.
Till three weeks ago, Maradona remained unrepentant.
“I was getting it off my chest, and I don’t regret it,” Maradona said. “I gave my mother a kiss on the forehead and told her: ‘If I was wrong I ask your forgiveness, but nobody else’. It had been building up. I apologise to the ladies, but not to those who talk about football on television. What I said was also late – outside family viewing hours.”
Today FIFA banned him for two months with a $24,000 fine. All smoke, no fire. He will miss a total of one match. Seriously, he has always been a loose cannon so this is nothing very new.
I think the fascination with Maradona is that at heart he is still a performer. Part of this vicarious process is his oracle like pronouncements which come like clockwork of who will be the next Maradona. There seems to be no end. Just like his limitless call ups now exceeding 70 players. He seems to find it difficult to remove himself enough to be objective in his understanding of the game.
I prefer the Maradona who would show up in the Bombanera terrace and cheer on Boca. He is a perfect mascot. As a coaches go, Carlos Bilardo, Marcelo Bielsa, Carlos Ischia, and even Alfio Basile would have been better choices. At this stage Julio Grondona is doing Maradona a favour by trying to keep his legend alive.

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