An open letter to Arsene

Dear Arsene,
Praise is good but it should be meaningful. Robin Van Persie is having a fantastic season but to say he is the best striker in the Premiership is jumping the gun. Didier Drogba will have some words on that. Comparing Van Persie to Dennis Bergkamp is definitely jumping the shark. Actually could we do away with comparisons or bold predictive statements altogether till the season is over?
One notices when you say Abou Diaby is the next Patrick Vieira, he goes out of his way to prove otherwise. At the AGM, there was this huge pronouncement that Arsenal was to lift a major trophy this year, promptly greeted with a dismaying performance against West Ham. At this point Arsenal is on a great streak but lets put a bit of perspective. They are on a stretch against should we say, lesser opposition, and yes, Spurs is exactly that. Something about putting lipstick on a pig. Chelsea looms large and if we win, be sure to overdo the bravado. Till then hold of the cavalry charge.
I was called an Einstein when I was young and occasionally correct about something but it all ended badly because at this point I am not headlining the Nobel committee’s list of nominees for coming up with a beautifully simple algorithm to stave off global recession. I am a few inches from a knuckledragger, a blogger for goodness sake. I say to you, with all due respect. Giving praise to a young team is an exercise in balance. Give too much or at a magnitude over the top and you risk a let up. Which unfortunately seems to happen. So till we actually have RVP perform day in and day out, Diaby take down the attack like ninepins every match, and Arsenal end up with the CL or the Premiership, could we guarantee pursed lips? Deal or no deal?
Yours sincerely,
Shourin Roy
New York City, NY

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