Becks signs AC Milan deal

With his contribution key to the Galaxy making the playoffs, Beck’s Milan departure raises fewer eyebrows. He will play his first Serie game on January 6th and if all goes as planned, he will join the Galaxy after the World Cup.
I am of the camp that the criticism which he received on his return was fully deserved. Donovan’s remarks were on the money although he should have had a man to man with Becks instead of whingeing to Grant Wahl. Anyways, after initially reacting badly, Becks settled down and helped the Galaxy in their push towards the playoffs. As long as he remained committed, Galaxy fans began accepting Becks desire to play for England as something that they could live with.
“I’m completely focused on ending this season on a high note with my club by winning the MLS Cup,” added Beckham, referring to the MLS play-offs
If he does that, he will leave the fans in a better mood. A much warmer welcome awaits him when he comes back in July 2010.

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