Defoe scores 5 goals against Wigan

When is the last time a player scored 5 goals in a premier league game?Never is the answer apparently.Jermain Defoe created history by scoring 5 out of the 9 goals that were scored by the Spurs against a Wigan team that are still trying to come to terms with being on the wrong side of a historical event.
Correction: As pointed out in the comments, Jermain Defoe did not create a Premiership record. He tied with Andy Cole (Man Utd) against Ipswich in 1995 and Alan Shearer (Newcastle) against Sheffield Wednesday in 1999. For an added bonus the most number of goals in a single match in English top flight football is Ted Drake’s (Arsenal) 7 goals against Aston Villa in 1935. The non-top flight football record (Football League) was established a year later by Joe Payne with 10 goals scored for Luton Town against Bristol Rovers. Luton beat Bristol, 12-0 on April 13, 1936.
…and I’m glad that’s cleared that up anyway.

Tottenham-Wigan 9-1 All GoalsThe best bloopers are here

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4 comments on “Defoe scores 5 goals against Wigan
  1. Sorry, bro – Alan Shearer and Andy Cole both scored 5 in a single match in ’99 and ’95 respectively. Defoe did tie the all time Premier League record though, as no one has scored six since the EPL broke away. However, Ted Drake of Arsenal scored 7 way back in ’35 in a top flight match versus Aston Villa.

  2. Actually, Andy Cole scored five goals for Manchester United against Ipswich Town in 1995, and Alan Shearer scored five goals for Newcastle United against Sheffield Wednesday in 1999. So Defoe only tied the record.

  3. Andrew,
    Thanks. Correction made. Jermain Defoe and Aaron Lennon are the two Spurs players that seem to be doing it all for their club. They are going to be key to their top four aspirations. Can’t seem to figure them out though. Just when they look good they run into Utd and Arsenal.

  4. Thanks, Altfilmmerc- correction made. As an Arsenal fan, I am pleased that Ted Drake’s record still stands 74 years later.

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