France and Ireland engage in diplomatic arm twisting

Its not just the Egyptian and Algerian governments having a holy go at each other.
The replay request is now being echoed in the upper echelons of the Irish government as Brian Cowen, the Irish PM is now suggesting that he will approach the French premier Nickolas Sarkozy to discuss a replay and circumvent FIFA’s objections.
Francois Fillion, the French PM thinks that that is not such a good idea.
The Irish justice minister, Dermot Ahern minced no words.
“There was no justice last night in Paris.” He said of France’s decisive goal: “If that result remains, it reinforces the view that if you cheat you will win.”
The Irish loss has plunged the country into gloom, a familiar melancholy. Woe is us. Even Ahern ended his ire on a gloomy note.

“They probably won’t grant it as we are minnows in world football.”

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