How does a £20m boot out Rafa campaign sound?

Perish the thought of Rafa going anywhere even as more and more fans have serious doubts whether Liverpool’s future lies in the correct hands. Its becoming harder to watch Rafa’s scribbling each passing game to exactly what effect?
The club came out with a strong statement in his defense after their CL exit. Strange when you think that a couple of years ago, George Gillett and Tom Hicks were secretly trying to jettison him in favour of Juergen Klinsmann. But the economics of the situation are dire. He just renewed a five year contract four months ago and it would cost Liverpool a hefty £20m to pay him off if he was replaced. The sort of money that the club does not have.
That is by itself not insurmountable. So what can one do?
A few options
Each fan could contribute an extra £20 to the boot Rafa out campaign. Since I assume there are hundreds of thousands of LFC fans, the £20m could be arrived at very quickly. Or LFC could pay the £20m and impose a surcharge on every ticket or merchandise sold to recover the cost.
If Manuel Pelligrini does not succeed at Real, then they might be in the market for a new manager very soon. Rafa’s reputation remains stellar in the Liga and he could be a very plausible Real target. Liverpool could negotiate a contract buyout with the world’s biggest spenders if they become serious about Rafa coming on board.

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