Japan ban the vuvuzela

Japan is the latest in the series of protestors wanting to end the din created by the vuvuzela.”We have requested that the South African FA cut that noise out,You can’t hear yourself speak. I will be bringing it up (with FIFA president Sepp Blatter),” ” is what Japan Football Association (JFA) president Motoaki Inukai had to say.after Japan had drawn their game against SA with no goals being scored.
Japan defender Tulio said: “You can’t hear what your team mates are saying from two metres away. You have to go up to them to give instructions.”

One comment on “Japan ban the vuvuzela
  1. This trumpet is not South African culture. It has only been around 10 years. It’s such an amazing experience to watch rugby in South Africa because you can hear the referee’s comments, the players shouting, the silence in a tense moment and feel the atmosphere, why ? because vuvuzelas are banned from rugby mathces. I think everyone should vote about this at banvuvuzela . com 30 000 votes so far

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