Match fixing scandal: FC Potenza’s president arrested

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Giuseppe Postiglione, the president of FC Potenza, a third division club (Lega Pro Prima Divisione) has been arrested along with eight others on suspicion of manipulating the outcomes of matches through bribery, threats, and links to organized crime. The arrests were carried out by Potenza anti-mafia prosecutor Francesco Basentini. (link to video).
Postiglione is suspected of having been involved in the effort to manipulate the outcome between second division Lecce and Ravenna in 2008, having pocketed 86,000 euros after betting on the match.
He became the youngest CEO of an Italian club when he took over Potenza in 2006 at the age of 24. The club is struggling in 15th place this season.
This is part of an ongoing effort by investigators to uncover what is turning out to be the biggest match fixing scandal in Europe which is said to have influenced the outcome of 200 matches in 9 countries. 17 arrests have already been made.

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  1. A very important book was written about match fixing last year. The author presents evidence that some of the highest soccer matches in the world may have been fixed: Champions League, Olympics and World Cup.

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