Plans to dump Shaibu Amodu as Nigeria qualify

bora milutinovic.jpg
Could this man be back as Nigeria’s coach?
A Diego Maradona comparison is too tantalizing. A team that has managed to qualify for the 2010 World Cup despite the incompetence of the coach. Nigeria needed help from Mozambique who beat Tunisia, 1-0. For their part Nigeria overcame Kenya, 3-2 with a brace from Obafemi Martins in a tense match.
However in Nigeria the NFF is going to do something about it and plans are afoot for securing a foreign coach. Shaibu Amodu seems to have worn out his welcome many times before but this time it appears to be for real.
“That we are at the World Cup is not because of Amodu but because of God’s mercies for us. I do not want to remember our performance in the match against Kenya because the coach almost ruined us. But God saved us and we thank him for using the players to salvage our great country”, said the enraged PTF official.
So who is it going to be? Bora Milutinovic is looking for a job. He has had experience coaching Nigeria in the 1998 World Cup leading them to the second round. He would love to go to South Africa and prove that he can do better than Carlos Alberto Parreira. Maybe Clemens Westerhof can be lured back to coaching their team again to their glory days in the early 90s.

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