Poppycock! Or Poppygate!

opium poppy1.jpg
The British Empire fought for this!
The Daily Mail goes patriotic after Jan Moir’s homophobic innuendo and their divers perp walk. But it seems a bit fascist in its endeavour. After all, the very people they want to honour fought that scourge in World War II. And yes, it is also true that the British Empire was not welcome in many countries.
Arsenal succumbs because they have to show their “English” credentials otherwise it would be confirmation that they are dark foreign agents. Think of those Francophones eating poppydust. Whoohoo! Makes my goolies tingle. But good on you Man Utd, Liverpool, and Blackburn.
Anyways, here is the poppycock barometer. And see if this merits inclusion.

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