Thierry Henry quitting watch

Thierry Henry’s actions after his “Hand of Frog” assist on goal. He regrets celebrating the goal. But not actually the goal itself. What has he done so far to absolve himself?
He consoled Richard Dunne.
Then in his press interview, he said he had handled the ball but he consulted the referee and the referee said nothing.
He stepped it up saying that he was open to a replay.
Now, he says he wanted to quit the game not because he felt remorse but because in the aftermath, the French Federation did not support him leaving him lonely.
Great player, double faced.
I think we should install confession boxes on the pitch or some sort of confessional depending on the players religion so that we do not have to put up with these painful displays of public catharsis.

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3 comments on “Thierry Henry quitting watch
  1. Luck of the Irish?
    I tell you what Trappatoni should have done.
    Some years ago, Sheffield United went to Highbury for a cup match against Arsenal. An Arsenal player went to ground injured and one of the Sheffield United players kicked the ball out of play to enable him to get treatment.
    Now, to the uninformed on these matters, in football, there is what’s best described as a “gentleman’s agreement” that, if an opponent kicks the ball out of play for an one of your players to get treatment, you return the ball back to your opponent, you know, to say ‘thanks guys’.
    Arsenal didn’t kick it back afterwards. They threw the ball to one of their players from the throw-in, ran up the pitch and scored.
    What did the manager of Sheffield United, then Steve Bruce, do? Ordered his players off the pitch immediately and refused to play on.
    If only Trappatoni had done the same.
    “Right boys, that’s enough. We don’t play against cheats. Off you come. Sorry Mr Fourth Official, we’re not playing on.” What a scene that would have created.
    And guess what it got Mr Bruce and Sheffield United? A replay.
    And guess what happened to Arsenal? They were widely acclaimed in the media for their sense of fair play and upholding the so-called integrity of the game.
    FIFA should do the same here and give Ireland a replay.
    The beautiful game is not looking too beautiful from where I sit today.
    What’s your view? Vote in my poll on my blog

  2. No, I’m not Irish – but the ref didn’t see it excuse leaves an awful lot to be desired in terms of sportmanship. If you run over someone in a crosswalk and nobody sees it, are you absolved. FIFA, give video replay to the refs — far too much at stake in matches like this.

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