Van Persie out for 4-5 months

Even worse news. From the Arsenal website.
“Advice was sought from the leading ankle specialist Mr Niek van Dijk, who confirmed that more extensive damage had been suffered than was first diagnosed. In order to repair his ankle, Robin will undergo surgery next week in Amsterdam to reconstruct the ligaments. The Club’s medical team anticipate that a full recovery will take between four and five months.”
The initial assessment was that the ankle ligament was partially ruptured and could be managed by conventional physical therapy intervention requiring 4-6 weeks to recover.
A new scan and study in hospital, found three of the four ligaments in his right ankle were ruptured in the Italy friendly.
It looks like a Grade 3 complete tear of probably the medial (inside) ligaments because there are four of them. Usually, the lateral (outside) ligaments are more prone to injuries cause by outside shearing forces, like that of a tackle. However, a combination of both medial and lateral ankle ligaments could be involved too. (Magee’s Orthopedic Physical Assessment, 2nd Edition, 1992).
Most ankle ligament ruptures involve the the anterior talofibular ligament in conjunction with the the calcaneofibular ligament. Rarely, the posterior talofibular ligament. Ligamentous injuries could be associated with damage to the cartilage (ankle arthritis is a long term effect) and in severe rotational injuries the ankle (the talus) could be fractured.
The upshot is the ankle is unstable in these type of complete tears and surgical intervention is the preferred route to ensure against permanent ankle instability (the ankle either rolls in or rolls out).
Van Persie needs reconstructive surgery which indicates that it is not a matter of just repairing and reattaching the torn ligament back to the bone. The structural integrity of the ligament has been compromised (either too weakened/ destroyed) which means that Van Persie needs new ligaments recreated usually from a cadaver tendon graft.
“It is so frustrating to be out for months,” Van Persie said. “I was having a super season with the team. I had never felt as strong and powerful as this year. Apart from, I think, two matches, I either scored or made goals in all the games we played this season.
We can’t seem to catch a break. This is not good news to uplift one’s spirits on the eve of a game against a team like Chelsea.

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