Video: David Ngog’s dive denies Birmingham a victory

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Birmingham was hard done by Peter Walton’s decision to award a PK after the French striker went down in the box from a tackle by Lee Carsley. Problem was Carsley never touched him. Steven Gerrard subbing for the injured Riera converted the penalty and Liverpool scraped a draw.
After the match, Carsley had this to say:
” It’s a joke. I knew I didn’t touch him and I said to the referee to book me or send me off, it would have made me feel better. I’m sure he (Ngog] has got a family, well if I went home having done that I’d be embarrassed. You’re supposed to be teaching your kids an example and that is just an embarrassing case of cheating. But the lad’s taken a chance and got his team a point so I’m sure they’ll be patting him on the back.”
Never truer words. This is just getting way out of hand. And Platini’s little experiment of introducing extra referees will also fail. Either we install a moral spine in every player which will never happen or get some way we can review these calls.
Cameron Jerome strike was goal of the season material (video) and Chucho Benitez got his first Premiership goal (video)as Birmingham went ahead after conceding an opening goal to Liverpool as Ngog buried a fierce volley at the back of the net. (video). Glen Johnson’s impeccable attacking instincts and some equally fine goalkeeping by Joe Hart fully on display.
Hart and the Birmingham defense came under siege as Liverpool dominated the second half but it took Ngog’s ’embarrassing case of cheating’ to get them the draw. On the other end, Liverpool showed its weakness in defending set pieces conceding the Benitez goal. Alberto Aquilani made his Premiership debut six minutes before the end. Fernando Torres did not play as the physios work on his hernia problem. And now Yossi Benayoun maybe out with a hamstring tear.

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3 comments on “Video: David Ngog’s dive denies Birmingham a victory
  1. Birmingham played a great match…
    It’s a shame what Ngog does, and that critical mistake by de referee got me to loose $ 800.00
    Reviewing these type of plays is the only way that we can asure these chetting guys to get what ther deserve… at least a yellowcard…
    Liverpool is going down on this season, they won’t even be able to get to the Uefa cup next year…

  2. I support Liverpool yet feel this was an act of desperation and very embarassing. The problem is that all teams in the English league are guilty of the same carry on. Unfortunately cheating is part of every game that is played and has many forms. In my view the only way to rid the game of cheating at top flight soccer is to introduce TMO which I think will imrprove the flow of the game over time and lead to a fairer result alround.

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