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Thierry Henry’s left forearm makes first contact with the ball but then as the ball bounces off ever so slightly his hand comes up and he steers the ball onto his foot. The first touch was inadvertent but his second touch had clear intent. What is so amazing about this is that the linesman on the opposite side should have seen happened because as far as one can see his vision remains unobstructed with Henry furthest out clear of the Irish defenders and Shay Given.
Did you notice William Gallas walking off with a look in his eyes as if he expected any moment that the goal was going to be waved off? There was a decided lack of enthusiasm in their celebrations. Thierry Henry in the interview:
“I will be honest, it was a handball. But I’m not the ref. I played it. The ref allowed it”
Actually, this owning up by Thierry Henry should settle it. He did his part to win the match for France. It is the responsibility of the referee and his assistant to see whether it was won fair and square and they failed. This jawing back and forth about who is at fault is a simple matter of law and order. No one expects players to stop cheating. That will be a basic circumvention of human nature. We have cameras in stores to prevent shoplifting. Referees need help otherwise they are in danger of becoming the most lampooned profession.

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One comment on “Video: One more time
  1. Henry touched with hand twice not once before sending a goal converting pass. Then, likely that at least one of the touches was deliberate. Therefore he must be punished.
    Rematch, means chaos.
    However, we had Hand of God and now Henry Handballs. So, FIFA should do something.
    I am not sure whether FIFA has after match tribunal, AFL, ARL, ARU have here. Australian Open (tennis) has video ref.
    FIFA should banned cheating player for the rest of the tournament, or at least 3 matches.

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