One comment on “Video:Chelsea 1 Manchester United 0
  1. Football is a funny old game – my belief was that Manchester United were going to be triumphant when they met Chelsea at Stamford Bridge especially after the away result at Anfield but I have to eat humble pie. If we have to be honest and say which club deserved the win after watching the game then it as got to go in favour of United and more so for not been up to full strength as key players were missing. Also I think, and this does make a change, the ref went with Chelsea a few times on decisions at the expense of United. Surprisingly I thought Brown and Evans in the defensive role did quite well, much better than anticipated. Rooney had his chances but been on your lonesome held him back somewhat and this I believe was United’s downfall in the lack of goals and even attempts, so as for bringing Owen on when the whistle is about to blow is ludicrous and I cannot figure Ferguson’s game plan here?

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