What did Lass say that got every Irish knicker in a bunch?

Its all pretty confusing but it seems that Raymond Domenech was complaining that they were really playing the English B squad. Or some bowdlerized version which of course even if untrue is used to motivate your players. Which is what got Richard Dunne all bent out of shape. He had been using Domenech as comedy material before the match.
On the pitch, the Daily Mail (never the best source) reports, Lass said something like,” F*** you, Irish p****, you are out ” or as per the Irish Examiner, Keith Andrews was named a female anatomical part. That’s a far cry from insulting the Irish nation.
He did not say, “Dolores O’Riordan is s**** ” or “Guinness! I wouldn’t give my dog Guinness.” Or some David Trimble type of backwash. Now that would really spell trouble.
On the other hand, Lass is saying that the Irish are just sowing trouble. He is innocent and he certainly did not insult the Irish. End result, 25,000 Irish fans are descending on the Stade De France this coming Wednesday. 25,000! Surely that can’t be true. Even Patrice Evra is having a hard time wrapping his head around that number.
Of course, no one can skewer the Irish as well as the Irish. That is why you have playwrights like Enda Walsh. This might be the football equivalent of the Walworth Farce.

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