Cesc looking for a Drogba like striker

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Oscar Cardozo is a “direct style” striker
Cesc talks about a direct style as sometimes the best way to go about scoring goals.
“An average team that has the best striker in the world can always do something and Didier Drogba makes all the difference to them.”
The problem is who? The names that get mentioned the most. Edin Dzeko (Wolfsburg) will be too expensive. In Maroaune Chamakh’s case, his club is not planning to jettison him mid season. Plus, these players will not come as mere replacements for RVP. They would expect first squad action even on his return. Which means that some players might become surplus.
Actually RVP lacks the physicality to take the bull by the horns, go behind the defense. He is far more nuanced. Technically he is better as a second striker. So strictly speaking Fabregas is not looking at a RVP replacement. What Fabregas is suggesting is a totally different player.
I remember Obafemi Martins name being bandied quite a bit a few years ago while at Newcastle. He is at Wolfsburg and doing decently.
Athletic, great ability to get behind the defense, good with both feet, shame about the temperament though.
What Arsenal lacks is a set piece specialist. The player who comes on board should have that capability too. Its been a long time since I saw a free kick taken by an Arsenal player that has resulted in a goal. Tomas Vermaelen tried his hand against Chelsea but his effort was woeful.
I have always thought that Roque Santa Cruz’s Paraguayan strike partner Oscar Cardozo presently at Benfica would have been a great addition.
At 6’4″ and about 90 kgs, he can muscle his way through any defense and has been on fire this season scoring 14 goals in 10 appearances for Benfica. For the record he has 44 goals in 65 Benfica appearances and a number of them through free kicks. Cardozo has plenty of international experience for the Paraguayan team. Now in his third season, he has remained remarkably durable which is an important consideration for Arsenal as an injury prone club. A few disciplinary issues aside, his appearances have been uninterrupted.
He will not come cheap as Benfica paid €11.1 million for his transfer but he maybe persuaded to move to a bigger league for better wages. The Dzeko deal maybe comparable in price but Wolfsburg are reportedly going to play hardball. Plus, he seemed to be keen on joining Milan when these transfer rumours began.

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