The SoccerBlog Awards 2009

Since we’re in a giving mood here at Soccer Blog, we’ve decided to end the year by handing out meaningless awards in five categories. If we get bored, we may add a few more later on.

The SoccerBlog Awards 2009 categories are:

  • SoccerBlog’s Coach of the Year
  • SoccerBlog’s Player of the Year
  • SoccerBlog’s Goal of the Year
  • SoccerBlog’s Idiot of the Year
  • SoccerBlog’s Inspiration of the Year

The awards were selected after weeks and weeks of diligent work (all of 5 minutes), watching endless hours of YouTube (are you bored with you-know-who’s Porto goal yet?), and random surveys conducted in the streets (we had to explain what sport we were talking about – this is the US!).

Our results may not be the same as FIFA’s but at least we didn’t contribute to global warming by holding a yawn-inducing, time-wasting, event like this one.

Ladies, and gentlemen…

NOTE: these awards are negotiable.  If you can demonstrate someone more worthy by leaving a detailed presentation in the comments section, our judges (me) may change their minds (which is what FIFA should’ve done with that Ireland-France fiasco).

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