Thierry Henry faces a possible first match ban

Sepp Blatter disclosed that FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee has opened an investigation into the ‘behaviour’ of Thierry Henry and they will decide if the French striker will face some sort of penalty for the ‘hand ball’ that rocked the world.
Asked why FIFA were making a special case of Henry, he added: “This is a matter of the disciplinary committee and it’s not a question of this player or another – it was a blatant unfair playing and was shown all around the world, but I don’t know what the outcome will be.”
It is widely believed that Henry might face a one match ban when France open their World Cup campaign.
The fact that Diego Maradona was not banned from subsequent internationals for his hand goal and the fact that Thierry Henry made repentant noises following his blatant hand ball are extenuating circumstances.
For those with a historical bent towards punishment, nothing can be as miserable as Thierry Henry’s and France’s 2002 World Cup campaign. An opening loss to Senegal was followed by a disastrous match against Uruguay which they drew as Henry was sent off in the 25th minute for making a studs up tackle . This meant he would be missing the final crucial encounter with Denmark. A do or die attempt at qualifying for the next round as France found themselves at the bottom of the table. Les Bleus were outplayed and lost, 0-2, their attack toothless without Henry.
The World Cup champions were sent home early.
With France decidedly wishy washy about its team and Raymond Domenech lampooned by the media and fans, it maybe the best thing to happen to France this time too.

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2 comments on “Thierry Henry faces a possible first match ban
  1. in 2002, Zidane was out injured for the 1st two games and when he played in game 3 against Denmark, he had a wrap on one of his quads. I was at the game and saw him noticeably laboring and not able to extend the injured leg as he otherwise would be. The lack of Zidane was the difference then and now.

  2. KevNYC- A suspended Thierry Henry and a crocked Zidane were a recipe for France’s 2002 disaster. But there were others. I think after Aime Jacquet turned down coaching the team, the French fell into a managerial void. The disastrous Roger Lemerre did not prepare them well and I remember seeing the French team playing Senegal as if it was a summer stroll.

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