Video: A live version of K’naan’s “Waving Flag”

Canada may not be in the World Cup but one of their own will prove ubiquitous. Somalia-born Toronto raised, K’Naan’s “Waving Flag” was chosen as the 2010 World Cup theme. Here is the quieter version which is better than the souped up World Cup version. Sing along with the lyrics here >>
Catchy song. K’naan (born Kenaan Wersame) comes across as a politically aware troubadour who uses his lyrics to entertain and change. He is a bit of a rebel defending Somalian pirates from easy Western stereotypes.
Rolling Stone writes “K’Naan thinks like Bob Marley, flows like Eminem and mixes African music with conscious hip-hop, unabashed pop and even metal.”
K’Naan’s inspiration Bob Marley never had any of his songs chosen as FIFA themes but here is one that should have been >>
But the father of all songs raising political and racial consciousness with a hip swaying groove was Gil Scott Heron. His songs resonate with the South African struggle against apartheid. Lyrics that fought segregation and racial discrimination in his own country. Probably a bit too strong for FIFA’s genteel taste. Here is The Bottle >>

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