World Cup 2010: SA expects a quid pro quo

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SAFA officials are expecting a lot of hand holding when it comes to the draw to ensure that Bafana Bafana at least makes a face saving exit. With billions of dollars spent and the implications of ensuring a successful World Cup, the host nation is expecting a bit of quid pro quo.
“But what is almost an essential proviso for the tournament to come up to its highest expectatations,” said Camroodien, “is for the currently frail Bafana to progress beyond the opening round.”
“But more to the point,” said Camroodien, “I’m sure a system will be devised whereby South Africa receives a favourable draw all-round.
So there are expecting a bit more than fairness. How does a New Zealand, Slovenia, and Uruguay sound?
Meanwhile, the prize money has gone up so that even if SA does not get beyond the first stage they still receive $8 million. The winner gets $30 million and the runner up $24 million. The total prize money is $420 million which is a 61% increase over the 2006 World Cup amount of $261 million. Not a bad chunk of change. At least the US team will not be looking for TARP money.

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