World Cup 2010: The Springboks back Bafana Bafana

The 1995 Springboks are celluloid heroes too
After praying for New Zealand, Paraguay, and Slovenia but instead getting, Mexico, Uruguay, and France in Group A it looks like tough going for the Bafana Bafana. Only a fool on the hill give it a chance of getting to the second round.
“Bafana Bafana’s loss to lowly Iceland proved what some of us have been advocating for months – that the national team is a mediocre team led by a clueless coach,” as one columnist wrote in October.
But support for the beleaguered Bafana Bafana has come from an unexpected quarter. The 1995 Springboks who won the Rugby World Cup know what it is like to be written off. It might be a bit out of character for the rugby lads to back what is still considered a “coloured” sport but this is what the World Cup is all about.
” We were the underdogs in the 1995 World Cup tournament,” said MornĂ© du Plessis, “and so are Bafana Bafana. Everyone wrote us off because of our dismal performances. But we had support from our own people. The energy that the players felt when they ran out onto the pitches was amazing. And they fed off it. I have no doubt that Bafana Bafana will do the same.”
Bad boy James Dalton added:
“Bafana Bafana should do just that because with that comes the power to unleash their talent and abilities. There are going to be many challenges, but they must remember that no matter how they fared in recent games, the nation will still be behind them every step of the way,” Dalton said.
Maybe Bafana Bafana will end up having a dream run and Hollywood might come knocking. Any ideas for a movie title? Invictus: Rise of the Fallen.

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