Egypt steady on course to the Finals

The indomitable lions goalkeeper put up a less than indomitable and mostly unlionlike performance and let his team down quite badly in the process.
Egypt won the game 3 -1.All the goals of the game were scored by Egypt and all had a certain wierdness about them .The first one was a self goal.The second bounced over the head of the Cameroon goalie to go in,the third came off a lousy back pass and the fourth will go down as another call for video technology.The ball did not cross the line but the ref said goal and that was that.Take a look at Egypt’s goal number four…

2 comments on “Egypt steady on course to the Finals
  1. zidan is wonderful player
    but egypt despite the good results are not that impressive this time
    they got great keeper, organized defence, and good strikers who can get a goal out of any chance
    the midfield and the team structure as a whole is nothing impressive. they lost it totally to cameroon, which by turn was very bad side.
    cameroon keeper gave 2 pure gifts for egypt, and the second goal was a gift from defender. also a great keeper would have done better job in the second goal
    algeria and cot devoir were the very impressive sides. what’s very fortunate for egypt that they will face a very exhausted algerian side after that big game they played. yes egypt played extra time as well, but the game was not as exhausting as algerian one.

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