Minnows beat up the indomitable lions

Underdogs Gabon beat the indomitable Cameroon team 1 – 0 in the second shock result of the tournament.Football pundits are having to swallow their words as the underdogs have been going around beating their more fancied opponents.Ghanaian sports journalist Kofi Agyepong had the following to say “One thing is clear; matches played at this tournament so far have proven the pundits wrong. You stick your neck out and you are caught on the wrong foot,”
He sounds like a bit of a contortionist but you can get what he is trying to say.The big stars like Eto’o and Drogba have yet to do any shining.Here’s Daniel Cousin’s goal for Gabon against Cameroon

2 comments on “Minnows beat up the indomitable lions
  1. I think part of the problem with Cameroon is a difference in expectations between coach Le Guen and the Cameroon Football Federation. Le Guen sees the ACN as a test drive before the World Cup. The Federation on the other hand doesn’t want to see anything short than winning the Cup. I think Le Guen hasn’t grasped that Cameroon doesn’t enter competitions just “to prepare”. However, such a reaction from Le Guen doesn’t surprise me, he used to do that when he was Paris St Germain’s coach…

  2. There is a disconnect between Le Guen on the one side, and the Cameroon Football Federation, the fans, some players and the staff on the other. Le Guen’s main objective is the World Cup while the Federation has set winning the ACN and reaching the World Cup semi-finals…
    Knowing the history that ties Cameroon and the ACN (4 titles), I think Le Guen is making a mistake by not being ambitious here. He did the same mistake when he was the coach of Paris Saint-Germain.

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