Togo team gets 6 year ban in bizzare ruling..

Togo have been banned from taking part in the next two African Cup of Nations tournaments in 2012 and 2014 for sitting out the tournament this year after the attack on their team bus.
The Confederation of African football (CAF) have imposted this ridiculous penalty on the team because of “government inteference” in the game.The Togolese government did not permit the players to return to the tournament.This concern for the safety of the team after three of them were killed has been construed as a violation of article 78 of Africa Cup of Nations Angola 2010.
The CAF have also demonstrated a further remarkable level of insensitivity and stupidity by also imposing a 50,000 dollar fine on Togo as part of the penalty.It’s quite an incredible idea of crime and punishment.

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