Bad choice: Rooney as England captain

Richard Williams floats the idea of Wayne Rooney taking over as captain of the England squad should John Terry’s sleazy shenanigans cost him the job.
Perhaps Sir Alex might have more of an insight into this matter. He did after all make Patrice Evra captain in Man Utd’s moedown of Arsenal. Rooney was virtually unstoppable in the match.
So would you want to burden your best player with responsibilities like decorum?
As for Terry, he has been a bad boy. These off field indescretions might lead to an initial loss of trust amongst team mates. But there is no escaping, on the field he has proven to be a good captain and a natural leader. I think players will coalesce around him. Fabio Capello might want to keep the moral issue separate from the professional equation. His only criterion then becomes if Terry can play distraction free. As for Wayne Bridge, maybe a beer summit can be arranged where the two can talk about testerone, momentary lapses of reason, and forgiveness.
In fact, if examined closely, decorum might be in short supply in most English players. Steven Gerrard would also be a bad choice since he has a penchant for engaging in drunken fisticuffs with bar patrons. Rio Ferdinand also seems to be suffering from a recent impulse control disorder. Terry is the best of the lot.

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