Carlos Tevez points to his own past when bringing up Terry

Carlos Tevez John Terry.jpg
Two legendary coxswains stare each other down
Carlos Tevez was run out of Argentina partly because he was caught in flagrante delicto just like John Terry. He was secretly dating model Natalia Fassi while his ex-girlfriend Vanessa was pregnant with his child. When the news broke, fans turned against him and the paparazzi stalked him at every corner.
His form at Boca plummeted and he was forced to look outside Argentina to prolong his playing career. A reminder that even stars in this football crazy country have feet of clay when it comes up against its strongly moralistic Roman Catholic vein.
When Tevez talks about John Terry “losing his legs” for similar sleazy reasons if this happened in Argentina – he is essentially pointing out the contrasting nature of the treatment meted out to him.
Booing fans and some creative chanting. Losing the national captaincy. Tevez would take that in a heartbeat.

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