Let the stories of Ancelotti’s demise begin …..

Carlo Ancelotti gone from Stamford Bridge. 10… 9… 8….7….6 …..
In certain gloomy fan forums David Moyes is being touted. David Moyes? In other more optimistic circles, Fernando Torres is being courted after the striker came out with the statement that his tenure at Liverpool would be conditional, based on who the club decides to buy in the summer.
Whatever the spin, it is clear that Ancelotti is on an endangered species list. Bitchelotti. The yapmeisters are full of it.
What galls the Stamford Bridge faithful is that the manager who led them to unprecedented heights came to their house and kicked them in their posterior. Doing it without ruffling his hair or his panache. Meanwhile, Abramovich has stiffened up, changing his blank cheques into club equity, making profitability a prerequisite.
The heydays are gone when Stamford Bridge could gather around gladiator style to see their latest high powered acquisitions tearing a chunk out from the opposition. And then watch the mortally wounded gyrate in their death throes.
Left in place is a Milan style aged squad who got caught out. Deja vu? Carlo Ancelotti does not even have a Pato as redemption. Meanwhile, Chelsea fans can’t get enough of Malouda while Anelka and Lampard seem to be playing on egg shells. And still others could audition for Caligula. Sound Roman enough?

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2 comments on “Let the stories of Ancelotti’s demise begin …..
  1. As a Chelsea fan, this is an excellent write up.
    Sure I’d love to have the blues win the league this season but my only real hope is the Ancelotti stays. You can see the team is old and tired, and it’s clear not buying this spring was a mistake. This is sure to be a summer of rebuilding and I hope Roman views Ancelotti as an investment and not a quick fix.

  2. The E
    Thanks. Yes, it has not been one season and Ancelotti is being written off. They need to swallow some pain, rebuild, and long term – focus on developing their own talent.

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