Maradona laid low by hound of god…

Here’s another twist in the tale of a man who has had his fair share of being dogged by controversy.
He was bitten in the face by his own dog.It is quite likely that the dog bit him because it did not approve of Maradona’s coaching strategy for the World Cup.Any sensible dog would have done so ages ago.
The fact that it did not bite the hand (of god) that feeds him and rather bit another portion of Maradona’s anatomy clearly shows that it was a dog of unusual discernment.
Maradona had to go off to hospital for first aid and things and is now better.The dog in question is supposedly a Shar Pei – which according to ” are intelligent, playful, and devoted dogs which need careful training .The dog’s temperament depends on how the owner treats the dog. Dogs who are allowed to believe they are the boss over humans will develop behaviour issues. Dogs who are not taken for daily pack walks will also begin to display a varying degree of issues.”
Maradona’s Shar Pei definitely had issues because it bit him 3 times .