The Red Knights turn to the MAN group

These guys are not the ones
These guys are. The MAN Group, Britain’s biggest hedge fund is being lured on board by the Red Knights.
The hedge fund is amongst the top ten performers with over $20 billion in assets. It is managed by Jon Aisbitt, an ex Goldman Sachs partner.
Pussers Rum.jpg
The MAN Group was founded by James Man in 1783, a barrel maker who won the contract to supply the Royal Navy with rum. On July 31st, 1970 the Royal Navy abolished the supply of rum which kept its officers and sailors inebriated throughout the Battle of Trafalgar and Jutland. They were saved by an equally sozzled enemy. By then Man’s business had diversified into one of the world’s largest investment companies.
The hedge fund also sponsors the Man Booker prize which went last year to Hilary Mantel for her novel “Wolf Hall.” The year before it went to Arvind Adiga for “The White Tiger”, which in my opinion is the definitive account of the two India’s that co-exist today.
MAN Manchester United sounds quite acceptable. I look forward to Pusser’s being served to the players especially when they play Arsenal.

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