Video: The Deuce enters Craven Cottage lore

A touch of absolute brilliance. A moment that ensures Clint Dempsey’s place in Fulham’s history. It is not enough to say that he kept their Europa dream alive, it is the way he did it.
The awareness that Chimenti had strayed out of position and then the precision of his delicate chip as it drifted lazily over the goalkeeper who just had to watch helplessly as the ball fell into the net.
“Just one of the great Fulham moments.”
The Deuce has been accused of sleep walking in many matches but every once in a while, there are these reminders of supreme talent. Can we say that England might feel a bit of trepidation seeing this?

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2 comments on “Video: The Deuce enters Craven Cottage lore
  1. Audacious chip…brilliant!
    The finest goal this week in Europe IMHO.
    As this is an American blog right?
    Dare I suggest it could be the best goal by an American footballplayer at this level ever?

  2. Jan Anderson- you could be right! Haven’t seen a goal quite like this by any American. It shows a sophistication that Messi would have been proud of.

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