Wenger’s reaction to meeting Barca

On meeting the CL champions:
“We respect what Barcelona have done but competition is about what you do tomorrow,” said Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.
“I believe what is important is that on the day everyone sees a good game and we win it.

“We are focused on us, not our opponents. In the quarter-finals you are bound to meet a good team and Barca are a good team.”
Nicely understated.
At the Camp Nou end, Gerard Pique, Cesc’s La Masia compatriot warned that, “All the attention will be on Cesc, we are friends but on the field there is no friendship, we will each defend our own.”
“It will be a great game and I think people will enjoy it because we both have a similar style. For us it is better that they not only defend but also attack and want to score goals.”

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