With Beckham gone, the DP clause should be scrapped

A potential gamechanger in the MLS vs players negotiations?
The DP clause was originally created for the sole purpose of bringing David Beckham on board. It was extended in the hope that world class players in their prime could be induced to the MLS and in time the league would be able to compete with the world’s best.
The clubs could build their franchise through these Brobdignians.
So far with only a few exceptions, the clause has proved a failure while eating away the team’s salary cap money. Meanwhile, it has not stopped the outward flow of promising talent.
With Beckham’s playing future in jeopardy, the rationale for keeping the clause alive becomes very weak.
If I were Don Garber, the DP would be scrapped. The money freed up should be used to ensure better player contracts and introduction of free agency. These measures remove player restrictions and improve portability.

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2 comments on “With Beckham gone, the DP clause should be scrapped
  1. If they doubled the salary cap and loosened up the roster limits I’d be fine with that. Teams could use the money to pay for a few big name players or stock up on younger prospects to develop and/or loan out to USL or other lower level clubs while still paying them a decent wage.

  2. Randall, I think the MLS will counter that they did increase the salary cap- to make place for the DP. But of course, the negative part is that it is a shallow well for the rest of the players.The DP is problematic – it has not worked well except for Blanco and Angel, who have produced for the club. Get rid of that clause and it will benefit all the players.

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