ESPN wants to go NFL style on the Premiership

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The Premiership is dying. Erin Andrews will bring back the crowds.
In the future you can expect Erin Andrews or more likely her British surrogate, Rebecca Lowe to interview Premiership managers live during the matches and have them explain their tactics at half time.
ESPN’s is introducing NFL style broadcasting tactics for this year’s FA Cup final. If all goes well, then the Premiership is the next jump.
In NFL games, coaches and players are “miked up” providing a real time glimpse into the bleeped out emotions swirling on the pitch. Presenters are allowed access into the locker rooms where teams tactics and verbal exhortations are then reported back to the viewer as if gospel.
The problem here is that the NFL was made for TV. Every innovation in that sport. Even famously tight lipped managers like Bill Belichik know that their sport is first and foremost a spectacle. Every atom is used to enhance that breathless spectacle.
This era of Truman Show TV brings canned emotions to the game. Do we really need this when we have Joe Kinnear? It was a gem. That man spoke his heart. The likes that will not be seen or tolerated in the NFL. Even Truman found out that danger when he deviated from the script.
Now if we could only get ESPN to “mike up” Lloyd Blankfein and Goldman Sachs, there might be some worth to it. Greece would subscribe to that.

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