French sex scandal: More badly behaved footballers

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Sidney Govou: Denies allegations that he is part of a Les Bleus sex scandal
Joining John Terry and Ashley Cole in the badly behaved footballer category are members of the French national team.
Today, Franck Ribery was questioned by French police in the case of French national players allegedly frequenting a Paris night club that is suspected of providing escort services. His lawyer insisted that he was not a target.
A commission set up by an investigating judge revealed that during the course of questioning one of the players also admitted to having a relationship with a prostitute who turned out to be underage. The investigation has taken the statements of two players and now a third is also to be questioned in the coming weeks.
Meanwhile suspicion centers around Sidney Govou, the Lyon winger whose lawyer issued a statement stating:
“My client wishes to assert he is not related in any way to any prostitution network. Sidney Govou has never been particularly known to Zaman Cafe in Paris. For the record, this affair has caused him profound pain and deeply affected his family and their honor. He will not comment on this story.”
Last year, the Czech national team’s coach Petr Rada, and six players were sacked after a tabloid published pictures of them cavorting with prostitutes. They included ex Aston Villa striker Milan Baros and Atletico Madrid defender Tomas Ujfalusi.
Looks like Les Bleus are arriving in the World Cup with a lot of baggage.

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