Landon Donovan:

Landon Donovan helps out with Here’s some info:
>> Malaria kills a child in Africa every 30 seconds and nearly one million people each year
>> Worldwide, 3.3 billion people are at risk of malaria – that’s half of the world population
>> 91% of malaria deaths occur in Africa; 85% of these are children under 5 years of age
>> In addition to the death toll, malaria contributes to the cycle of poverty and limits economic development: Malaria costs Africa at least $12 billion in lost productivity every year
>> 40% of African health expenditures are on malaria alone

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  1. Readers of may be interested in the story of Fatuma Abdulkidir, a courageous Kenyan woman who is setting up soccer leagues as a way to diffuse the tribal violence that is devastating her society.
    Fatuma’s story, an excerpt from the Soldiers of Peace documentary, is today’s feature on, a new video magazine featuring outstanding nonfiction videos from around the world.
    The link to this feature is:
    Thank you.

  2. Pam, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Sounds like a fascinating story and maybe I could blog about this courageous woman using soccer to bring peace to the warring tribes in Kenya. Thanks for reading Soccerblog.

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