Argentina is not Maradona

I have to say this because we may be witnessing a huge tragedy in the history of Argentine football. I’ll also say that if I am wrong, I apologize. But I don’t believe I am. In the next few days, we’ll find out.

I am concerned that my country has given Diego Armando Maradona such absolute power, that he has become a tyrant. Yes, he is the Caesar who cares more about himself than the team.

The tragedy is that Lionel Messi – surely the greatest player in the world today – may have to go home early because he was led by an incompetent coach. A coach who some say is willfully sabotaging the national team.

I sincerely hope I am wrong!

It is good to be back on soccerblog. Argentina, Argentina, Argentina!

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One comment on “Argentina is not Maradona
  1. I sincerely hope that Messi can have a great tournament but I agree with you that Maradona is perhaps not the best coach for that. Maybe a good thing for Uruguay if there ever is a Argentina – Uruguay in the 2nd round ;-).

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