Bob Bradley to Fulham?

He may have to trade that look for a suit and tie
The Cottagers are still looking for a coach with Alan Curbishley turning them down and now Bob Bradley is the name mentioned the most.
Fulhamerica’s long association with the US national team is already well established. But Bob Bradley? A coach who built his cache in the hitherto insular world of US soccer – coaching varsity teams, MLS clubs like Chivas, and now the US national team in a career spanning over two decades.
To get into the Premiership which ranks as the toughest in the world at this late a stage? Even Roy Hodgson whose replacement the Cottagers seek had to globe trot to get to his place in the Premiership.
Just one point, Bradley did not get the US team up to speed for a full 90 minutes and they suffered mental lapses of the sort giving up ridiculously cheap goals in the opening minutes – that is one of the biggest knocks on his resume. The US took the opportunity to turn in some scintillating comebacks but that cannot be credited to the coaching. Fulham might be a more unforgiving place- English fans do not hold back. Still it is flattering to find yourself as conjecture for the title of the first US coach of a club in the top European leagues.

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2 comments on “Bob Bradley to Fulham?
  1. Shourin – I’ve been a huge fan of your blog for years now. I really enjoy how you weave soccer personalities and tactics, with politics and culture. Keep up the great work!!
    I think you have to look at what Bradley accomplished during his entire tenure as head coach of the US Soccer team. He’s done a great job of nurturing new talent (Altidore, Bradley, Davies, Holden, Torres, Feilhaber, and Edu offer a bright future for the team), brought out the best in his two best players (Donovan and Dempsey), and he’s gotten results at confed cup, wc qualifying, and in the wc finals.
    I’ve also enjoyed watching the team play. They counter-attack well and play with tremendous heart, focus, and professionalism which I think starts at the top with the coach (compare Bradley’s determined demeanor on the sidelines with Bruce Arena’s immature displays of frustration).
    Give him a chance at Fulham!

  2. Thanks, James – great to hear you enjoy soccerblog. We like to entertain and inform. Yes, Bradley really takes his lumps, doesn’t he? But he is a good coach and after this World Cup we can lay aside all those nepotistic charges against Michael Bradley too – he came through for the USA in a big way. Its taken some doing but after the shambles of the 2006 World Cup – this is a huge turnaround. Bradley deserves kudos. I do believe he will make a good coach at Fulham but the Premiership is one of the hardest leagues. The fans and the media are far more unforgiving. Plus, I think he has unfinished business with the USMNT to continue to develop its tremendous potential.

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