Castrol Top 11: It’s not quite right is it?

Castrol top 11.JPG
On the graphic above are the top players of the World Cup as per the Castrol Index.
First things first- these players have been selected on their scores. Which doesn’t mean the top players in that position. The graphic is therefore misleading. But even then some of the scores don’t make sense.
I would never dream of using Gilberto as a holding midfielder (great in his Arsenal days but that was 4-5 years ago ) but wouldn’t Bastian Schweinsteiger be a better choice? He gets a high score but it is not enough to displace Gilberto.
Steven Gerrard was pretty ineffective out on the left but improved when positioned just behind Rooney. Still there is something wrong when he finds place when there are more deserving candidates. He ranks far above Xavi and Andres Iniesta.
Actually, the index does not seem to think much of the Barca duo at all. Sergio Busquets is actually Spain’s top midfielder. After that eyebrow raiser we find Xavi and Iniesta way down the list behind Marek Hamsik, Maxi Rodriguez, and Anthony Annan. Somehow I don’t think Vicente Del Bosque cares.
Sneijder occupies Arjen Robben’s position – the Bayern Munich winger would not make a fifth list of Castrol’s top eleven with his ridiculously low scores.
Sergio Ramos is not a center back- he is a right back. So according to the index the center back with the highest score who actually should partner Pique is Juan.
What do you think? Here is the link to the Castrol Index >>

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One comment on “Castrol Top 11: It’s not quite right is it?
  1. How on earth is Gerrard in the team, these scores don’t make sense, and where is Forlan and Schweinsteiger, probably the best two players at the World Cup.

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